James & Jaci Jones

February 14th, 2012 12:16 pm

WOW! Lars was great and we would recommend him to anyone needing any inspection from simple mold testing to home inspection. Heck! We have already told people about him. He made the process less stressful. He is laid back and has humor as he gets the serious job done. He takes the time for the customers! He checks everything, we mean everything! He is honest and knows a lot about homes and even appliances and offers information during the inspection even if you don’t ask questions and he feels you should know it. He notices things that most inspectors probably would not see, especially attic problems. Lars did find mold in our attic of the home we are purchasing. It will also be taken care of by the home seller with the help of Lars. He personally spoke with the seller agent and expressed how important the situation was to the health of anyone in the home and how urgent it was to be taken care of. Lars also stayed in contact with our agent to make sure all questions were answered smoothly. His report was clean and thorough and detailed. He also supplied photos of the mold in the attic for the home seller to see. Everyone we asked said their home insepctions were a waste of money because their inspector just flashed the light here and there and clicked the pen. Lars is worth every minute he is there and my husband and I will use his services again in the future and continue to spread his business name all over the greater Fargo area! Thanks Lars! You’re the best! My